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Olupapula Olusooka: Difference between revisions

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Fuck You
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== '''Guno gwe muko ogusooka ogwa [[Wikipedia]] ey'omu''' '''[[Luganda]]. Kaakano, Wikipedia eno erina abagikozesa batono, naye bw'oba nga omanyi era nga oyagala Oluganda, osobola okuyamba okuwandiika mu Wikipedia eno.''' ==
'''Tukkiriza abantu okuwandiika empapula, oba okuvvuunula ezo eziri mu nnimi endala okuzizza mu Luganda.'''
'''Nsuubira nti tujja okukyusa ebiwandiiko byonna ebiri mu wikipedia y'Olungereza mu butuufu bwabyo.'''
'''Kaakano waliwo [[Special:AllPages|empapula]]''' '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' '''wano mu Wikipedia ey'omu Luganda.'''
<div class="usermessage"><center>
[[meta:List of articles all languages should have|'''List of articles all languages should have''']]'''<br>
[[Wikipedia:Vital articles|Vital articles (1000)]]<br>
[[Wikipedia:Vital 100|Vital 100]]'''
<div style="width:98%;margin-top:.7em;border:1px solid gold;background:#cef2e0;padding:.7em;text-align:center">
* '''Omuko #{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} :''' '''{{Special:Newpages/1}}'''
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Fuck You