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From Gyaanipedia

Hello, welcome to my userpage. I'm a wiki explorer and a Steward, and I hold advanced rights on various wikis including Ballmedia and Qualitipedia ('wiki networks' that exist on Miraheze).

Unless I make a dedicated userpage it's likely I'm just passing through and found the wiki likely by using Special:WikiDiscover. Sometimes I'll be around to do countervandalism or other Steward tasks such as renames. If I intend to stick around longer I'll leave a message.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I'll respond when I can with what I know, or direct you to someone who knows better.

Reaching me

Other contacts

Stewards/countervandalism requiring Stewards or CVT:

  • Stewards' noticeboard (general place to solicit Stewards or Global Sysops, see header for links to global renaming and other functions available)
  • stewards[at] (confidential issues, anonymous reporting, etc)
  • cvt[at] (vandalism support, registration issues)
  • Discord/IRC: #miraheze-cvt

Other departments:
Stewards can handle community disputes/discussions, vandalism, abuse of multiple accounts, most global policy violations and technical issues such as screwups with wiki permissions. They can also do administrative tasks or help oversee a wiki if the management has been completely absent for quite some time. However certain problems are out of Steward scope.

Community support (general wiki help, suggestions, feedback etc):